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SHELL&CORE means arranging HVAC installation on the common parts of a building up to the lease line. On the other hand, is an integrated surface preparation for the needs of a tenant in terms of the HVAC installation. .

We comprehensively provide all the stages of a project realization: from a project consulting, along with developing a detailed project including a proper choice of a the final assortment, to the efficient installation and all the logistics dealing with the fit-out works. We will synchronize various businesses particularly significant for the functioning and the comfort of work. We will adjust suggested solutions to the individual needs of our clients, regardless of the property they possess.

We support business clients in implementing high-efficiency HVAC solutions in the following buildings:  
- offices
- warehouses and industrial buildings
- hospitals
- public facilities

The greatest advantage for an investor benefiting from installation is the co-operation with only one business partner, which reduces the way of communication, improves the information flow, simplifies the administrative and accounting procedures - one partner is responsible for the entire implemented works.

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